About Us

Bonfleur. Our name implies good flower, and when that good flower is Cannabis, we believe it translates to better wellness, too. Hand-blended tinctures, balms, soaking salts and effervescent drink powders offer ample opportunity to address the impacts of pain and inflammation, anxiety, stress and related sleep issues.


Through a scientifically refined approach to plant-based medicine, we’ve crafted a suite of health aids that not only smell and taste delicious and are highly effective. Better health doesn’t have to look like prescription bottles, smell like chemicals or have side effects. 


Bonfleur’s blend of all-natural botanicals, herbal blends, pure essential oils, and CBD (non-psychoactive extract of cannabis called cannabidiol) are scientifically-formulated and designed to help you feel better. 


Harnessing the healing power of full-spectrum CBD (contains everything found naturally in the plant, no derivatives and no reformulations), our lab-tested approach uses nanotechnology (creates smaller particles for a more bioavailable product) and enables you to feel good about feeling better. 


Sourced regionally in the Pacific Northwest from a Clean Green Certified farm, our CBD comes from pesticide-free, naturally-fed and sun-grown plants. Our partners love and nurture their plants so those plants can help us nurture YOU. With love, Bonfleur.