Test Results


How do I interpret the test results?

These tests are for potency and the units are mg/g or mg/1000mg. So, if you’re interested in the percentage of cannabinoid in a given product, you just move the decimal over three spaces. Ex: 2.6mg/g = .0026g/g or 0.26%.

To calculate the amount of CBD in your product, you multiply the mg/g by 29g/bottle (oil is less dense than water so 30ml weighs 28.8g). So for our Calm tincture, 37.2mg/g x 28.8g = 1071mg CBD.

In our high-potency tinctures, one bottle contains ~1000mg CBD which translates to 1.2mg CBD per drop (there are slight variations in drop size depending on the viscosity of the oil). 

Our products are high potency, full-spectrum and all guaranteed to be below 0.3% THC.

Start low and go slow. Begin with 4 drops-1/4ml (5-8mg CBD) and slowly work your way up to what is ideal for you.


Relief Tincture 190624RLF

Calm Tincture 190624CLM

Sleep Tincture 190624SLP

Pet Tincture 190624PET

Relief Balm 190624BLM

Calming Bar 190624BAR

Restore Soak 190624RST